IT Vendor Management for Singaporean IT Consulting Company

How QSoft helped the company to save valuable time and reduce their workload by acting as a single point of contact to connect with vetted IT talents, making the sourcing process more efficient and effective.

Brief information about the client

Our client, MP, is an IT consulting company based in Singapore that specializes in building tech teams for clients seeking to build their software products. 


MP recently secured a significant contract with a major Singaporean client in the Logistics industry, which was to build a team of 20 IT talents to develop an inventory management software. MP faced the challenge of limited development capacity from their current vendor, who could not provide them with the diverse range of tech skills and positions. To address this, they initiated a search for several software development companies in Vietnam. However, managing multiple service providers in terms of payment, quality assurance, and overall management proved to be a time-consuming and labor-intensive process for a company with few years of experience in the outsourcing industry like MP. 

What we do

Recognizing the complexities MP faced, QSoft stepped in to offer a solution. We began by conducting an in-depth meeting with the client to gain a clear understanding of their specific requirements and ideal candidates. After thorough discussions, we collaborated with MP to align their IT talent sourcing process with our own.

Sourcing process

Within just two days of receiving the client’s request, we submitted a curated list of 25 profiles of mid level and senior software developers. These candidates were sourced from our talent pool, including our 500+ pre-vetted candidates, our private network of 100+ trusted partners boasting a pool of 5000+ IT talents, and 2000 top individual contractors who worked full-time under QSoft's complete supervision. We had already qualified these candidates based on their technical capabilities, mindset, communication skills, dedication, and relevant experience before submitting profiles to the clients. For this reason, MP could reduce their hiring rounds from three to just one, significantly reducing their internal workload. MP then conducted face-to-face interviews with the candidates we recommended and found 23 out of the 25 profiles to be a suitable fit for their end client. The end client proceeded to conduct two rounds of technical tests and interviews, ultimately onboarding 20 developers onto their project.

Onboarding process

Regarding the onboarding process, we normalized the contract terms with the onboarded developers, who were sourced from various vendors. MP only needed to sign the contract with QSoft, which helped simplify the administrative process. After the contract was signed, we conducted a comprehensive training session to prepare the developers before the project kickoff. This training covered various aspects, including the working process, project description, cultural alignment, and the code of conduct.A project management plan was also developed and agreed upon among the team members and the client. This plan consisted of ten key areas of project management, including scope, time, cost, quality, human resources, communication, risk, procurement, and stakeholder management. This plan served as a baseline for QSoft to ensure the quality of the product delivered.

Project Execution

During the project execution phase, QSoft assigned a Project Management Office (PMO) and Account Manager (AM) to audit and control the project operations, ensuring they aligned with the defined project management plan. This proactive approach allowed us to identify and address any issues promptly, ensuring a smooth project flow.

At the end of each month, QSoft aggregated timesheets, expenses, and invoices, offering cost and time savings for MP. 

Project closure

Upon the project's completion or staff off-boarding, we facilitated the seamless transfer of work ownership.


With QSoft's support, MP successfully built a development team for their end client, meeting their demands for highly skilled developers within a short timeframe. They were no longer limited by specific tech stacks, as QSoft's extensive network provided access to a diverse pool of talents. Moreover, MP was able to significantly reduce their workload and save both time and money by streamlining their interactions with multiple vendors through a single point of contact. QSoft's expertise in candidate sourcing and management also played a crucial role in achieving these positive outcomes.

Client review

“We used to spend so much time and effort juggling multiple vendors and candidates to find the perfect talent for our clients. But, everything turned around when we discovered QSoft. With their vast talent pool, we only needed to collaborate with them to access top IT professionals on the market. It completely revolutionized how we work and relieved us from the complexities of sourcing and managing IT resources.”

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