Development teams tailored to your needs

From hand-picked IT talents to cost-effective software development teams ramped up in less than 2 weeks, QSoft provides everything you need to break through any scaling barrier

A software company builds teams from what they have

QSoft builds teams to best meet the job requirements


Your remote IT division

QSoft provides a remote solution with in-house synergy and results

Vietnam-based software development team ramp-up in 2 weeks

Outsourcing process tailored to your company's DNA and managed by the PMO


Dedicated Account Manager operates as your own point of contact with remote teams


A rebrandable platform provided to manage your outsourcing effectiveness


Hand-picked talents and curated teams

Hand-picked talents and curated teams

A thoughtful and comprehensive job description developed for each required position to inspire top talents


Mass notification promptly sent to a vetted talent pool and trusted partner network for immediate resumes


Only candidates that pass our thorough suitability pre-qualification are submitted to you for final-round assessment, together with QSoft's recommendation on the candidates' project suitability

Contracted teams that works like your own

Contracted teams that works like your own

A Project Management Plan is agreed among you, the PMO and the development team members
Working environment & culture resembling yours are built and maintained throughout the engagement period
A pre-boarding training session for each and every resource loaded to make sure their behavior and working process aligns with your process & standards

Outsourcing effectiveness under your control

QSoft's monitoring and managing measures keep you informed about everything in your project

Outsourcing effectiveness under your control

Projects are managed and monitored against the Project Management Plan to meet expected objectives, with weekly compliance check by our PMO


Weekly reports from a business perspective on project status and team performance provides project understanding beyond numbers


A summary report of spent efforts and timesheet of all participating resources produced on a monthly basis

Our competencies


Teams Built


Man-months Provided


Years of Experience


TL, Senior Developers

<2 weeks

Team Ramp-up


International Clients

Successfully delivered 800+ software projects in 19+ years

Almost 2 decades of experience in the IT outsourcing industry gives us the know-how and expertise to help you reach your goals in each and every project

Founded in 2005 in Hanoi, Vietnam
Recognized among Vietnam's leading IT companies in 2016, 2017 and 2018
Certified ISO9001 in 2008, ISO27001 in 2014
Equipped with CMMi ML3 since 2013
Succeeded with hand-picked resources model since 2019
QSoft help you to ramp up your Vietnam-based software development team quickly

Mission & Values

Our mission is to boost software outsourcing efficiency with smart strategy, fast team ramp-up and effective management

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Trusted by clients worldwide

Companies have enjoyed cost-effectiveness and a streamlined consult - build - manage operation that unlocked their scaling potential with QSoft

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