How to Extend Your Development Team with Staff Augmentation

How to Extend Your Development Team with Staff Augmentation
January 13, 2023

Staff augmentation is an increasingly popular approach to staff expansion in the tech industry. It involves bringing additional staff with specialized expertise to fill gaps in current development teams. By staff augmentation, companies can quickly and efficiently add new staff members and gain access to highly skilled professionals who can help them meet specific goals. This can be especially beneficial for startups and smaller businesses that lack the staff and resources to adequately staff their development teams without assistance.

Through staff augmentation, companies can gain access to professionals with a wide range of skills, including:

  • software engineering
  • UX/UI design
  • project management
  • quality assurance (QA) testing
  • DevOps engineers

This can help businesses expand their staff quickly and efficiently to meet project requirements while also allowing them to access staff with specialized skills and expertise. However, it's important that companies take the time to properly evaluate potential staff augmentation partners, so they can find the best fit for their organization.

What Are the Common Staff Augmentation Models?

There are several staff augmentation models that organizations may choose from, depending on their needs.


The first model involves outsourcing staff members. Outsourcing staff gives an organization access to skilled professionals at reduced costs and without hiring them as full-time staff. Organizations may outsource staff for a specific project or to handle tasks or roles, such as IT support, engineering, or recruiting.


The second model is onsite staff augmentation. This involves hiring staff members and placing them at the organization’s premises for a given period of time. The staff members may work independently or as part of a larger team. The staff members are usually highly skilled professionals who can be relied upon to complete their tasks efficiently and on time.


The third staff augmentation model is remote staff augmentation, which is like outsourcing staff but involves hiring staff members to work remotely from any location outside the organization’s premises. This model offers organizations access to staff members with specialized skills, such as software developers and data analysts. Remote staff augmentation is a cost-effective solution for organizations requiring staff with specific skills but not having the resources to hire full-time staff.


This combines both onsite and remote staff augmentation advantages. This model gives organizations access to staff members with specialized skills from any location, allowing them to take advantage of cost savings while still maintaining control over staff performance and productivity.

What Should You Consider When Choosing A Staff Augmentation Model?

When looking to staff augmentation to supplement your current team, there are several factors that need to be taken into consideration:

Cost: The cost of hiring additional staff can be expensive and time consuming. It's important to evaluate the costs associated with staff augmentation and compare them to other models to determine which approach will be the most cost effective.

Timeline and duration: It's important to plan ahead and take into account how long it will take to find and onboard staff as well as how quickly you need them in place. Knowing this information early on can help you determine the length of staff augmentation needed to meet your project deadline.

Experience and skillset: Depending on the scope and complexity of the project, staff may need specialized training or a specific background to be successful. This is especially important for staff augmentation models where staff are hired on an as-needed basis.

Communication and collaboration: Everyone should be aware of the project timeline and scope, as well as the staff's roles and responsibilities. Having clear expectations up front will ensure everyone is on the same page, which can help reduce staff turnover and maximize efficiency.

Staff Augmentation: Extending Your Development Team in A Nutshell

Staff augmentation offers the flexibility of expanding staff on an as-needed basis to meet specific project needs. QSoft Vietnam staff augmentation services provide highly qualified staff members to help companies complete tasks more efficiently and cost effectively. Whether you are looking for staff to work onsite, remotely, or a hybrid of the two models, contact QSoft Vietnam to help you get the staff you need when you need them.

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