Software Development Outsourcing To Vietnam

Software Development Outsourcing To Vietnam
December 12, 2022

We live in an age of globalization. Nothing is restricted to a single nation. Many businesses have employees working on the same product in a variety of different global locations. The tech companies can do this very quickly. Software development firms do not need to have all programmers working on the same project at the same place. They can quickly post their progress and update the code over the Internet.

Vietnam’s software outsourcing is taking advantage of this to become one of the IT outsourcing industry leaders today.

The benefit of outsourcing would only become possible by outsourcing to the right nation. There are many reasons why outsourcing to Vietnam is beneficial.

Advantages of Software Outsourcing to Vietnam

  • Education Level: Vietnam has a very high literacy rate. They are prime candidates for software outsourcing firms searching for new talent.
  • Population: The key advantage of outsourcing to Vietnam is its young population, where almost half of the population is educated and ready to work.
  • Hard Working People: The Company’s overall morality is strengthened by a hardworking and eager workforce. It also means that they inspire each other and that they perform better.
  • Stability: Vietnam has no political instability whatsoever. There are almost very few explanations for any religious or ethnic dispute in the country that make it much safer for western counterparts to fly to Vietnam for training or any other related purpose.
  • Low Cost: The cost of recruiting a developer in Vietnam is considerably lower. It also costs less to get outsourced to Vietnam. This is a magic combination for businesses looking to outsource great talent and lower costs.
  • IT Specialized Schools: There are over 250 colleges and universities that offer IT-related courses in Vietnam.

However, Vietnam’s IT industry is certainly on high growth. Subsequently, tough competition creates such challenges as listed below among domestic software outsourcing companies:

  • The rapid growth of software outsourcing companies has made the competition tougher in Vietnam, whereby standing out is the only way to win the game.
  • Different IT pricing by companies in Vietnam has led to clients’ confusion of qualities among quantities. The reasonable price should come with the right quality to raise higher competency.
  • English skills challenge has hampered the growth of the outsourcing business process in Vietnam.
  • Clients now have various options for IT services at different levels in Vietnam. However, this tactic has to be carefully considered because expanding has to go with controlling quality.

How Does QSoft Help Clients to Eliminate These Challenges?

QSoft ensures consistent quality, and this is proven because they work with a mature company that offers high quality and are top in line with standard processes.

QSoft introduces clients to vetted companies only in Vietnam for software development outsourcing.

QSoft manages the selection process of software development outsourcing companies, and they eliminate the risk of outsourcing work to a poor performance company.

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