Revolutionizing a Legacy Travel Agency with Cloud Innovation

Discover how we transformed a legacy travel agency into a cutting-edge, cloud-based operation, overcoming complex system challenges and streamlining processes for maximum efficiency.

About the project:

An Italian legacy travel agency faced the monumental task of modernizing its operations. With a rich history of providing unparalleled travel experiences, the agency was hindered by outdated technology and processes that restricted its potential in a rapidly evolving market. Our mission was to transform this traditional travel agency and tour operator into a dynamic, 100% cloud-based operation. 

Challenge Overview

The agency’s operations were bogged down by a complex ecosystem developed over a decade with multiple contributors. This resulted in a fragmented and potentially inconsistent system that was difficult to update and scale. Also, intricate, undocumented rules embedded within the system complicated modifications and updates. The reliance of multiple teams and departments on intricate workflows within the system added complexity. In addition, existing documentation was incomplete and in Italian, hindering knowledge transfer and understanding.

Our Solutions

  • Simplified and Streamlined the Ecosystem

Understanding the critical need to overhaul the agency's ecosystem, we initiated a comprehensive audit of the existing infrastructure. This step allowed us to identify redundancies, pinpoint inefficiencies, and assess the complexity of the current system. Leveraging our expertise in cloud technologies and system architecture, we designed a simplified, yet robust cloud-based infrastructure. By migrating to a centralized cloud platform, we eliminated fragmented systems, ensuring a unified and scalable solution. This transformation not only enhanced operational efficiency but also prepared the agency for future growth and technological advancements.

  • Codified and Documented the System Rules

Our team meticulously reverse-engineered these rules through a combination of code analysis, stakeholder interviews, and process mapping. Once understood, we codified these rules into the new system, ensuring they were both optimized for efficiency and adaptable for future needs. We created comprehensive documentation in English, with a structured, user-friendly format to facilitate knowledge transfer and global understanding across the agency's multinational team.

  • Facilitated Knowledge Transfer and Training

The transition to a new, cloud-based operation was a significant change for the agency’s staff, who were accustomed to the old, complex system. Recognizing the importance of a smooth transition, we implemented a detailed training program tailored to different teams and departments. This program included hands-on workshops, easy-to-follow manuals (translated into multiple languages, including Italian), and ongoing support channels. Our goal was to empower every team member, regardless of their technical background, to leverage the new system effectively.

Technologies Deployed

  • Cloud Infrastructure: GCP, GKE
  • Programming Languages/ Framework: Java, Spring, Spring Security
  • Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB
  • Front-End Frameworks: Angular, Vue.js, HTML, CSS3
  • RESTful APIs,, gRPC, SonarQube

Main Features Implemented

The transformation introduced several key features to streamline operations and enhance user experiences:

  • Tour Information Management: A centralized database for managing tour information with intuitive search, booking, and itinerary creation capabilities.
  • Travel Agent Management: Features for managing user profiles, tracking commissions, and analyzing performance.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Comprehensive tools for customer data management, communication, and personalized marketing.
  • Content Management System (CMS): Simplified updates to tour descriptions, images, and promotional content.
  • Accounting Integration: Enhanced data flow for invoicing, payment processing, and financial reporting.
  • Agent Performance Dashboards: Real-time data visualizations for tracking sales trends and agent performance.
  • Social Media Integration: Enhanced connectivity with major social platforms for effective promotions and customer engagement.


The outcome of our concerted efforts was a revolutionized travel agency that is now at the forefront of technological innovation in the travel industry. The agency's operations are now streamlined and scalable, thanks to the migration to a cloud-based platform. The previously undocumented and complex rules are now clearly defined and integrated into the system, ensuring consistency and ease of updates. Moreover, the agency’s staff are now well-equipped and confident in using the new system, contributing to an improved workflow and enhanced productivity.

Team size: 4 Backend Developers, 2 Frontend Developers, 1 DevOps Engineer, 1 Database Specialist, 2 BA/PM, 2 QA engineers Duration: 14 months

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