Automated and Social CRM

An application that revolutionizes the way people use CRM system

About the project

An application that revolutionizes the way people use CRM systems. This is a mobile, intelligent and social CRM for iOS platform with powerful functions and helpful guidelines for salesmen.

Key features

Main features:

  • Full functionality of standard CRM system
  • Social features: Improve sharing and team working activities
  • Suggest next tasks and sales activities
  • Integrate well with Apple devices: mail, calendar, map, call and camera


  • High security requirement for CRM data
  • Versatile UI and optimized functions for mobile iOS devices
  • Data syncing when the application runs in offline mode

What we did

  • Developed the system in SAAS model to be easily customizable and adaptable to different kinds of businesses.
  • Developed the mobile application based on templates with ease of change regarding colors and branding.
  • Important data is encrypted prior to storing and sending to the server.
  • Designed the system for autoscaling to easily adjust server resource with the number of users, optimize cost and performance.
  • The mobile app works with the device’s CoreData to ensure temp data to be saved offline and synced to server when connection is available

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