Developing customized solutions for a school management software

How QSoft's strategic approach and expertise in software development of edutech projects helped LTL to produce a school management software with new and updated features, tailored precisely to their end clients.

Brief information about the client

LTL is a prominent education technology company in Singapore specializing in providing comprehensive school management systems for preschools. With a strong presence in 12 countries and serving over 1700 preschools, LTL had established itself as a leader in the industry. They also operate a development center in Vietnam with a team of 50 talented professionals.


LTL's core challenge revolved around the need to develop customized solutions for their school management software to meet the unique requirements of different end clients. The nature of these projects required domain expertise and relevant experience to quickly adapt to their existing products. LTL's in-house development center in Vietnam, though proficient, couldn't handle the extra workload. Hiring new resources was a cumbersome and time-consuming process. This predicament was causing them to risk losing valuable deals with their clients.

What we did

As a solution provider, QSoft stepped in to address these challenges effectively. We set up a dedicated team consisting of a UI/UX designer and a technical leader with extensive experience in developing school management software. Our primary role was to analyze the client's existing software and come up with proper technical solutions.

We then proposed a team structure that included seven senior software developers with relevant technology stacks to work on the project. Each candidate was meticulously assessed by the technical leader to ensure that they were the best fit for the project.


The six-month engagement with QSoft team proved to be a smooth and satisfying experience for our client. Our collaborative efforts produced a school management software with new and updated features, tailored precisely to the needs of LTL's end clients. The customized software enhancements empowered LTL to gain trust of their end clients, enabling them to close additional deals with 3-4 more preschools. This significantly helped to expand their reach and solidify their position as a trusted partner for school management solutions.

Client review

"We are extremely pleased with the exceptional service provided by QSoft in developing customized solutions for our school management software. Their strategic approach and expertise in edutech projects were evident throughout the collaboration. The dedicated team, led by experienced professionals, seamlessly integrated with our requirements, delivering a product that exceeded expectations. The new features added tremendous value, helping us not only satisfy our existing clients but also win new deals. QSoft's contribution played a pivotal role in expanding our reach and reinforcing our position as a leader in the industry. Without a doubt, we will turn to their expertise for future projects".

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