Scaling up a development team for a fintech startup.

How QSoft helped a fintech start up quickly scale up their development team and release their new products in time to dominate the market in the Asian Pacific region. 

Brief info of the client

SPM is a Fintech start up in Singapore, offering spend management softwares to finance teams to streamline their existing process in terms of bill payments, corporate cards, employee reimbursements and accounting. They have successfully raised a total funding of 120 million USD, with the ambition to dominate the Asian Pacific region. 


SPM’s rapid growth necessitated external IT resources to work in the development of their spend management software. They aimed to release their products to the market promptly to seize the market opportunity. However, traditional hiring processes were very time-consuming and challenging, especially when they had to find a significant number of skilled developers with high expertise in Golang and ReactJS.

What QSoft Did

We set up a meeting with SPM to delve into the specifics of the client's ideal candidates and agreed on the criteria for sourcing potential candidates.

Drawing upon our extensive vetted pool, we swiftly recommended 10 profiles that matched the client's criteria within just two days. These candidates were all pre-qualified for their technical capabilities, mindset, and communication skills. Upon receiving clients’ detail requests, we evaluated our IT talents to see if they had relevant experience in the Fintech domain and whether they committed to work long-term for the project.

Beyond our talent pool, we tapped into our private network of 100+ trusted partners with over 5,000 IT talents by using our in-house tender management tool, which allowed us to send mass information to our partners instantly. We then conducted a thorough evaluation process and promptly submitted a second batch of 15 profiles of senior Golang and ReactJS developers to the client within three days.

In addition to external networks, QSoft has a pool of 2,000 top individual contractors who have been working full time under our total control. Leveraging this resource, we had additional 10 pre-vetted candidates to recommend to SPM.

In total, QSoft submitted 35 profiles of Golang and React developers with extensive experience and technical skills that match the client's projects. Following face-to-face interviews with SPM, an impressive 80% of the candidates were accepted, significantly outperforming the industry norm of a 30% acceptance rate when working with other software companies.


The software developers from QSoft seamlessly integrated with the client's in-house team, working together for six months and successfully completing the assigned tasks.

SPM was satisfied not only with the performance of our developers, but also with their hiring process, which witnessed substantial improvements in terms of time and acceptance rate thanks to support from QSoft. The quick identification and onboarding of qualified IT resources allowed SPM to launch new products on schedule, subsequently attracting millions of users. This has significantly contributed to SPM market expansion to the Asian Pacific Region with thousands of business users. 

Client review

"QSoft was truly a game-changer for our project. We were facing a daunting timeline and struggling to find the right candidates. Then came QSoft, and they absolutely blew us away with their speed and efficiency. Most of the developers we interviewed were top-notch and could be onboarded, which saved us a lot of time and effort compared to trying to do it all on our own. Working with the QSoft team was a seamless experience with no issues. Thanks, QSoft, for making a significant impact on our project!"

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