Film Production Collaboration Platform

An Interactive Voice Response system working as an add-on for an existing telecommunication application.

About the project

A community media platform created to facilitate a film production ecosystem by providing the necessary production equipment, human resource and funding.

Technical information

  • Language: JavaScript, Typescript
  • Platform: Web Application, iOS, Android App
  • Framework and library: NodeJS, ExpressJS, ReactJS, React Native, Redux
  • Database: PostgreSQL, AWS RDS

System functions

  • Video/documents uploading
  • Media/file download
  • Creating and managing film projects with a large number of participants with different roles


  • The client’s decision maker, which come from the business and production side of the film industry, did not have strong technology knowledge and software development experience. They were looking for a comprehensive development solution from a capable partner that can turn their application idea into a functional and easy to use platform.
  • The majority of the users would not have strong technical knowledge either, thus requiring a very intuitive user experience and responsive functions.
  • The system have to be able to handle a lot of large media files, which created challenges for uploading, storing and downloading with sufficient speed.


Unlike many other projects with tech-savvy clients, we provided a complete solution with explanation on the benefits of every technology involved. We started building the team with a talented Technical Leader and System Architect who produced a comprehensive proposal with the appropriate team structure for the target product. The leader of the team played a crucial role in this project by fully understanding the client’s expectation for the product and was able to align the solution and the team’s effort with the expectation.

In addition to a good UX/UI Designer, we provided a Business Analyst in order to produce the necessary intuitive user experience. Both members worked closely with the client and their customers in determining all the user experience needs and then collaborated with the development team to build the software for maximum convenience.

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